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Company Profile

Kamerycah Inc. was founded in 2003. Its Parent company Kanefuku Co, Ltd is the most trusted and respected Japanese natural sea food pioneer for more than 30 years .

As a leading manufacturer of natural seafood and dietary supplement in Japan, Kanefuku is striving to find better ways of providing people with good products through the provision of scientifically proven effectiveness.

Kanefuku also is one of the leaders in driving the scientific researches of marine products and other natural foods for their potential benefits to human's health and contribution to the advancement of the alternative medicine. Kamerycah has a vision of Quality of Life that involves helping people to live healthy lives by providing the safest, most effective, highest quality dietary supplements, UMI NO SHIZUKU FUCOIDAN.

  Company Name :

  Kamerycah Inc.

  Established :

  January 2003


  3878 Carson st suit 101
  Torrance, CA 90503


  Mr. Hideaki Takeuchi







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